I’m a mom and a professional. These are my stories of an adventure that officially started February 19th, 2015 when my daughter Aria was born.

I intend to keep my and my daughter’s identity private, though my friends will know me as more than Jessica and Aria as more than just Aria. My husband is especially private, so pictures and tales of him will be sparse or stored privately for Aria when she is older. You will find him in my posts as DH for Dear Husband. I wish I could tell you more of him. I am in as much love with him as I am my new daughter. 

 So enjoy “Jessica’s Aria.” It is my song as a new mother. It is my story of my little Aria.

Make comments! Give advice! Make requests! I hope my song will be one to soothe or bring laughter to other new mothers like me, or who aren’t like me at all!

All the best to you, whomever you are, and to your family, because I understand now that family is what really counts. 





Password Protection

In the interest of protecting my privacy and avoiding the dangers of social media, I’ve begun password protecting any posts on health, being a mother and a professional, with musings about life that could be misconstrued or misquoted, or with pictures of people other than me and Aria.

If you are still interested in reading those posts, I would still love to share. I want to be free to be honest and open about the challenges of life and of womanhood. I think this is the best step forward to do that. 

To get access to the password protected posts, please contact me at jessicasariablog@gmail.com


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