So I guess Aria has been taking our yoga sessions to heart?

So we’re in the middle of her bike ride home today and all of the sudden Aria stops.

“Mom, wait. I have to do yoga so I can bike again.”

She proceeds to get off and starts with some sort of warrior I pose. Then she bends over, hands and feet on the ground.

“Down dog!” she exults.

She gets back up, takes in a satisfied breath and says

“I did my yoga! Now I can bike again!”

Oh how she makes me laugh!


Love you

I often say to you, “Hey, guess what?”

You giggle and say “I don’t know.”

I grin and grab you close and laugh and whisper: “I love you Aria.”

You always laugh too. You grab my face and come until you are right next to me and whisper: “I love you too.”


It hurts my heart how genuinely sad Aria is on Monday mornings. I probably hold her for too long before I leave her at school, but I don’t care. I can hold her, so I do. And I stroke her hair and just love her. That’s what moms do, right?


I love collecting wildflowers for Aria on hikes and bike rides. I try to find every color and every variety. Then she’ll hold onto them for an hour or longer sometimes. It’s just another way I tell her I love here.

Dreams of cleaning

Dad: “So what did you dream about honey?”

Aria: “I dreamt that daddy fly. And i could swim, in the water! And Mommy could clean.”

Dad: “Hahahahahahaha.”

Mom: 😒

Later that day.

Aria: There is an ice pack on the floor and I checked and it’s not cold anymore. I think we need to put it in the fridge.”

Dad (cheekily): “Hmm. Sounds like a job for the one with the cleaning superpowers!”

Mom: 😡