Whoa, Whoa! What’s that explosion of pink over there?

Come on Mom! Can’t you see it? Look! Seriously. I’m pointing right at it. Yes, right through the glass window of the car. Come on, come on! Look!

“You want to get closer,” Mom says. She’s grinning. Has she been keeping this a secret?!? Did she know about this? 

So much pink!

Mom pulls me out and bounces with me in her arms. 

Closer and closer! Now I’m smiling. Oh my gosh! Whoa! 

I’m kinda overwhelmed. Really. I don’t even know what to think. 

It’s beautiful. Whatever it is. 

“Aria, it’s spring! Do you like the flowers?”

I giggle. 

Duh. I love them. 

She reaches up and grabs the tree so I can touch. 

Wow. A-Mazing. 

Okay, well I guess that’s it. Cool. 

“All done Mom.”


Yeah. It was awesome. Dinner? 


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