Daddy pointed out he got no sympathy at work when he said he had to leave early for his daughter’s graduation. 

“She’s two, right?”

But let’s be honest. 

Toddler graduations are officially a milllllllion times more awesome than real graduations. 

See for yourself…

Let’s just say Aria took this ceremony very seriously…

Aria also took a rather lax approach to the refreshments at the graduation reception. Totally went at the whole fruit tray with a fork. 

I gave Aria a marker and paper to color in the car on the way home. Not what I was expecting to see when I pulled her out! 
Maybe she just wanted to assure me she hadn’t grown up too much. 

After that we held an impromptu after party with Aria’s teacher, Ms. Terry, and Aria’s best friend, who transferred out of our school a couple weeks ago. It was the best!!

Congratulations Aria! You’re officially a Two! Time to get a job!


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