Acknowledging the lines and coloring with purpose

When I handed her the book, I expected a blind attack of red and blue across the elegant outfits of Anna and Elsa. 

I got her the Frozen coloring book because it had markers she could open. Literally the only reason. She recognizes the characters from a short her cousin got her, but that’s just a bonus. 

I start coloring. Ignoring Aria’s mindless attacks on the ladies of “The Snow Queen” lore, I dutifully shade in Olaf’s snowball body. I use a dark blue to shade in his eyes. 

“Eyes!” Aria says. 

Aria had gouged (or delicately colored in–see it as you will) Anna’s eyes and then Elsa’s. As you might expect, they bleed blue. 

This was stunning because she’d never actually acknowledged the lines before. She’d always just swept right over them. This was so deliberate and purposeful. 

Such a big leap forward.  

Then she kept going. Page after page. Coloring in eyes and circles. 

Another light switch. 

Another awesome miracle of Aria growing up!
Then, just as I’m finishing this, she’s painting a blank sheet. Covering it in purple. 

She’s reaches into her paper, grabs something, and takes a bite. 

What’s that”


Drawing with purpose. 

And then chowing down on her own creation. 

A Gape big blob!!



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