First Inside Joke!

This is where parenting provides unexpected surprises. Like, who ever expected to log their first ever inside joke with the little peanut from their womb? Not me! That’s for sure. 

So we’re playing with clay. Aria’s a bit intimidated by the blank palet as it were. She just stares at it like a pet bird at a new toy in its cage. 

“Why don’t you make a baby?” I suggest. Easy, right?


Looks at clay. 

Serious face. 

Looks at mom. 

Overwhelmed face. 

Where to start?

“How about I help?”

Enthusiastic nod. 

“Here, I’ll make a head.”

I hand her the pieces one by one. She forms a sort of cross between a zombie and a Picasso. 

She shows her creation to dad with pride…

Then tears it up before he can snap a picture. 


Oh yeah. 

This time I ask her to tell me the parts I need to make. She decides to show and tell. 

We have an OMG I’m teaching! moment when I ask her how many arms she need. 

“One,” she says in her long baby drawl. 

“But how many arms do you have I ask?”

“Ooone…”Pats arm. “Two!” Pats other arm. 

“So you need two arms!”

“Yeah!!” she exclaims. 

We finish another creature from the early 20th century abyss, head plopped mid-way on the body, arms wrapped around a mash of eyes and a mouth on the cheek. 

Then we get to the third. 


More eyes!

More eyes!

A building mass of facial extremities. 


“No body!” she exclaims. 

“Are you sure?”

“No body!” She insists. 

Daddy comes back. In his casual way, asks, “What’s goin’ on?”

“No body!” she exclaims. 

I start to giggle. 

Aria giggles. 

“No body!” I affirm. 

“Nobody!!” Daddy agrees. 

We’re all laughing now. 

“Nobody! Nobody!”Aria chants with glee. 

I capture a video of another round. Mae watch the video and Aria explodes with giggles. “Nobody! Nobody!”

Twenty minutes later Aria won’t let me put her down for bed. She just wanted to stay in my arms. She’s still smiling, like she’d just had the best evening ever. 

I move to the rocking chair, holding her like an infant, rocking her to sleep like we haven’t done for seven or eight months. 

“Nobody!” she whispers and giggles. 

Then slowly drifts to sleep. 


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