This time she pointed out colors to match clothes

Something is really clicking for Aria about colors. It’s interesting of how months of games grouping colors are now translating into real-world decision making. 

Yesterday I convinced her to wear a pink hoodie because it was cold and, selling point to her, it had pockets. I usually have to sell some feature of an article of clothing if I want help instead of screaming and combat while dressing her. I am becoming quite the clothing diplomat!

After we got the hoodie on, Aria looked down at it thoughtfully. She then matched back to the drawer, examined the contents for a moment, then pulled out a pink fleece. 

She grabbed a clump of her hoodie and pushed it up to the fleece in her other hand. 

“Pink,” she pointed out. 

She looked up at me expectantly. 

“Do you want to wear that too?” I asked after a pause. 

Big head nod. 

On an aside, she then insisted we go outside to the playground, which she’d been hinting at all morning. We did and I was a half hour later to work than usual. But I was the happiest I’ve been in weeks all day at work. 

It matters when you start the day out right. 


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