Dice! Why toddlers are the coolest. 

So we’ve been playing this game for months. I’ll roll the die and she might pick it up and match a colored fruit to one of the sides. Then who knows what’ll happen to the fruit! No respect for rules at all. Game rules are my bible. Clearly she’s switched at birth. That would also explain the blonde…

Then today, with no promoting, she picks up the die, shakes it wildly until it tumbles out of her little palm and onto the laminate flooring. She retrieves the six sided die, says the cooor on the top and brings it back, then matches it to a fruit. When I instruct her to put it in the basket, she eagerly complies. 

We get through five fruits this way. 

Then she gets back to making up her own rules and starts dealing out the orchard cards like we were playing blackjack or something. Kind of like that. 

I just don’t know how it happens like this. Is it will or understanding? When did it click to roll that die. We haven’t even played the game for a week!

I’m baffled. It’s official. Toddlers are so cool!!


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