No. Purple!

I would call this a real milestone. And one that’s going to give me an amused headache, if that’s possible. 

Every day for the past week, it’s gotten progressively harder to select a spoon for Aria. 

This one?

No Mommy!

This one??

No Mommy!!

This one???

No Mommy!!!

It’s especially difficult because she still insists on two spoons. So we’re going through this until we get the “right” combo. 

But, I was starting to see a pattern. Duh dun duuuuh!

Today confirmed my suspicions. Aria likes girl colors!

This one? 

No Mommy?

These ones?

No Mommy!!!

And she hurls the blue and yellow spoons into the drawer. 

“Purple Mommy!!”

I look at where she’s pointing. There is a purple spoon in the drying rack. 


A. She knows the color purple by name. Which I was pretty sure she did. 

B. She went looking for the color she wanted. Totally new. Mind blown. 

C. She wanted a particular color. She has real preferences. Preferences she just verbalized. 

Totally blog worthy. 


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