We figured out why she doesn’t like music

Here is what listening to music with Aria was like. 

Aria points to the TV, which means Music Mommy!!

We sit together on the couch and Aria waits expectantly as I pull up Pandora. 

Three seconds. Maybe. Not exaggerating. 

“No no!”

“All done music?” I ask. 


“New song?” I ask. 

Big head nod. 

I change stations, since that’s the only way to change the song. 

Disney radio? 2 seconds. 

“No, no Mommy!”

Pop fitness? 3 seconds. 


Latino dance? 



Top 100?




Spa radio????

Nope. It’s not her ears. Got those checked  and she’s fine 😉
“All done??” I ask in exasperation. 

“More, more!”

And this is how it’s been for months. Almost a year. Really. Can’t get through ten seconds of a song without the decider-in-chief asking for us to change the song. 

It was a mystery. 

A great, great mystery. 

And then daddy had an epiphany. 

He skimmed the stations. There had to be something. 

“How about Children’s Dance Radio?”

Three seconds. Aria starts clapping. 

She dances back and forth. 


We get through the whole song. 

One after the other after the other. 

Laughing, clapping, dancing. 

Gesturing and doing what the song would say to do. 

Wiggle, shake, touch your head. 

I think she just wanted to understand the words. She likes the simpler, playful beats and music. 

So weird! No taste at all! 😉


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