Dice! Why toddlers are the coolest. 

So we’ve been playing this game for months. I’ll roll the die and she might pick it up and match a colored fruit to one of the sides. Then who knows what’ll happen to the fruit! No respect for rules at all. Game rules are my bible. Clearly she’s switched at birth. That would also explain the blonde…

Then today, with no promoting, she picks up the die, shakes it wildly until it tumbles out of her little palm and onto the laminate flooring. She retrieves the six sided die, says the cooor on the top and brings it back, then matches it to a fruit. When I instruct her to put it in the basket, she eagerly complies. 

We get through five fruits this way. 

Then she gets back to making up her own rules and starts dealing out the orchard cards like we were playing blackjack or something. Kind of like that. 

I just don’t know how it happens like this. Is it will or understanding? When did it click to roll that die. We haven’t even played the game for a week!

I’m baffled. It’s official. Toddlers are so cool!!


No. Purple!

I would call this a real milestone. And one that’s going to give me an amused headache, if that’s possible. 

Every day for the past week, it’s gotten progressively harder to select a spoon for Aria. 

This one?

No Mommy!

This one??

No Mommy!!

This one???

No Mommy!!!

It’s especially difficult because she still insists on two spoons. So we’re going through this until we get the “right” combo. 

But, I was starting to see a pattern. Duh dun duuuuh!

Today confirmed my suspicions. Aria likes girl colors!

This one? 

No Mommy?

These ones?

No Mommy!!!

And she hurls the blue and yellow spoons into the drawer. 

“Purple Mommy!!”

I look at where she’s pointing. There is a purple spoon in the drying rack. 


A. She knows the color purple by name. Which I was pretty sure she did. 

B. She went looking for the color she wanted. Totally new. Mind blown. 

C. She wanted a particular color. She has real preferences. Preferences she just verbalized. 

Totally blog worthy. 

We figured out why she doesn’t like music

Here is what listening to music with Aria was like. 

Aria points to the TV, which means Music Mommy!!

We sit together on the couch and Aria waits expectantly as I pull up Pandora. 

Three seconds. Maybe. Not exaggerating. 

“No no!”

“All done music?” I ask. 


“New song?” I ask. 

Big head nod. 

I change stations, since that’s the only way to change the song. 

Disney radio? 2 seconds. 

“No, no Mommy!”

Pop fitness? 3 seconds. 


Latino dance? 



Top 100?




Spa radio????

Nope. It’s not her ears. Got those checked  and she’s fine 😉
“All done??” I ask in exasperation. 

“More, more!”

And this is how it’s been for months. Almost a year. Really. Can’t get through ten seconds of a song without the decider-in-chief asking for us to change the song. 

It was a mystery. 

A great, great mystery. 

And then daddy had an epiphany. 

He skimmed the stations. There had to be something. 

“How about Children’s Dance Radio?”

Three seconds. Aria starts clapping. 

She dances back and forth. 


We get through the whole song. 

One after the other after the other. 

Laughing, clapping, dancing. 

Gesturing and doing what the song would say to do. 

Wiggle, shake, touch your head. 

I think she just wanted to understand the words. She likes the simpler, playful beats and music. 

So weird! No taste at all! 😉