Suddenly energized by patterns and order

Just a moment ago, Aria lined up a bunch of Jenga blocks. She paused and looked back at her creation and was like:

“Oh yeah. Look at that! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!” (In a mix of words and gestures đŸ˜‰

I’ve been seeing Aria create order to things lately, like with napkins at Christmas:

And then more recently creating a thoughtfully planned bedding arrangement for her toys:
When DH and I saw this we both froze and looked at the other, “Did you do that?”

There was just so much intentionality to it – a new and blossoming sense of the order of things and then an ability to mimic that order. DH frowned: “That’s kinda creepy.” A possessed gremlin is clearly in our midst!

Well, may this be the first step towards reducing the mess : helpfulness ratio! 

Cheers to that!


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