Sleeping Through the Night :)

Oh yeah. Feeling successful. Honestly, just having a strategy that feels right and that we’re agreed on feels great. Add pretty quick results and I’m on cloud nine. Maybe it’s the full eight hours I got the last two nights for the first time in months. Maybe it’s the taste of just a little success. 

It was hard, but we knew exactly what we’re were going to do, so it was easy too. Put out a spread a dinner, set new foods alongside familiar foods, with enough to ensure she could get adequate calories, but learn that she can’t choose her mealtimes or add to her menu options. 

She downed her pizza spaghetti squash casserole! Go dad!! Then happily fed me her veggies 😉 At least she loves the green smoothies!

Suddenly she was more hungry and thirsty at breakfast. Yesterday she accepted that she had to wait in her seat while breakfast and dinner were brought to her. 

We also stayed consistent in the night with the timer. Also made sure to peace out before she could fall asleep holding my hand 😦 She figured out after a couple long stretches not getting her demands met that there just wasn’t any point to heralding mom or dad in the middle of the night. 

We’ll see how long it lasts. I mean, we still got those three canines and the terrible twos!


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