Imagination 2: Plucking fruit from the tree on the wall

I admit, I didn’t think she knew or noticed the big white tree painted on her nursery wall. 

It’s been there since before she was born. I never told her it was a tree. I never even pointed it out. 

At first, I thought she’d found some random scrap of food on the changing table. I checked her mouth and her fingers, worried about what I would find. 

Then she did it again. 

She pinched her fingers against the painted leaf and popped another imaginary berry in her mouth. And then she grinned. 

I feel silly I was surprised that she understands representations of things. That’s what books are full of. And she’d learned from her book that trees have fruit and that the fruit can be picked and eaten. 

I grabbed my camera. 

“Can you do it again?”

She picked it and ate it. 

Just like in her book. 



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