Potty Trained by Two? Challenge Accepted!

You probably don’t want to know what I do in the bathroom, so be grateful you’re not Aria. For several months I’ve been quite explicit. “Mommy is … Look, the … just went in the toilet. Mommy has underwear — I doesn’t need a diaper because I … in the toilet. Look how cute my undies are!”

I bought two kinds of potty training toilets — a little freestanding green one and a toilet seat with a magnetic training toilet that can be dropped down. I showed her these and how special they were. I even had the neighbor kids sit on the freestanding toilet right after we got it to demonstrate. 

Periodically since then, whenever I see Aria …, I take her to the potty and set her on top, diaper and all. Just helping her to get the idea and avoiding traumatizing her by pulling her pants off and demanding action!

A couple of weeks ago, I got a storybook about a girl potty training. Aria was not interested. 

Then last night Aria saw the book on the stairs and asked me to read it. She seemed totally engrossed, but all of the sudden, in the middle of the story, she left and headed up the stairs. 

I frowned and followed. 

That’s when I found her climbing up onto the toilet. She pointed to her diaper and said “Ca ca!” I asked if I could take her diaper off. She nodded and I set her back on the seat. I showed her how to make a … face. 

And low and behold! 

She farted!

We clapped! 

“Yay!” she cried. 

Then we flushed the empty toilet together. 

We did this three times today. I even caught her in the process of a number 1 so I could tell her what she was doing. She was happy to get on the toilet, even though I knew she was already done. 

So, maybe I will get to meet DH’s challenge and have her potty trained by 2!  I’ve got four and a half more months left. 

But really, really. No pressure. Only when she’s interested. 

Only when she has her … game face on!



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