Aria is obsessed with stairs and benches

There is no stairwell not worth climbing. No set of steps too short or tall. There is no bench not worth sitting in, no chair or stool that can be passed by. 

She climbs things that just look like stairs. Anything. She can’t help herself. If she had to choose between a flight of stairs and a puppy, she would probably choose the stairs. 

I’m not exaggerating. Aria is compelled to climb. And I don’t really get the sense that it is to be on the top. She simply enjoys the journey. 

This girl is going to have thighs of steel. Seriously. She never uses her hands to stand. She could probably teach my body pump class. 

Well, it’s good exercise for the both of us so, uh, thanks??

Benched aren’t much different. Why did the Aria get up on the bench? To climb up on the bench, obviously. 


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