Another morning

Listening to the rain
It rumbles on the deck
Baby listens, content
In mother’s arms. 

Cleaning up the kitchen
It demands respect and care
No dishes to pack lunches
Crumbs on the floor.
Can’t really do this one-handed…
Baby watches, content
Eating some cheese
In mother’s arms.

Playing with her toys
Rain still falling 
Collect and return, set bum down. 
Mom cross-legged.
Send the box down the slide;
Drum the xylophone. 
Baby plays, content
In mother’s arms. 

Work heralds
Rain is louder
Baby clings tight

And so does mother.
No rush
Just us

Holding on, content
In each other’s arms.

Okay, she’s probably pooping (yep, definitely pooping)
Holding me this tight
Needs lots of cuddles
As her butt works out its plight

That’s okay
I loved the morning

Every minute

Caring and being cared for
In my daughter’s arms šŸ™‚


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