Let’s be real about goals

I started Memorial Day with a lot of goals. I thought I was being quite reasonable. 

Goal 1: Aria eats a bowl of taco salad

What the goal should have been: Aria places a single piece of lettuce in her mouth. Swallowing not required. (No really. I felt like a million dollars when, after much manipulation of her plate, Aria put a piece of lettuce in her mouth and sucked off the salsa.)

Goal 2: Pick up the entire house

What the goal should have been: Avoid mass destruction of house with a walking todfant on the loose

Goal 3: Get caught up on work tasks:

  1. Write up the plan for Culture Team Development Day
  2. Setup a new curriculum site
  3. Develop on boarding plans for our new curriculum leaders
  4. Write a work plan for our new intern
  5. Prepare agenda for math curriculum meeting
  6. Develop a program overview for our new principal

What the goal should have been: Shower during Aria’s 15 minute cat nap

Goal 4: Get in a 60-minute, strenuous cardio and muscle toning workout at the gym

What the goal should have been: Convince Aria to stay in her stroller long enough to walk for a mile. (Goal exceeded! Walked for three miles!!)

Aria decided to get in some very productive nap time during the last mile…

Goal 5: Spend lots of time bonding with Aria

What the goal should have been: Move to goal #1 

Goal 6: Make dinner

What the goal should have been: Get invited to a friend’s house for dinner! (Thanks Sam!!!)


So, what did I accomplish today? I’m not sure if it really matters. I brooded for an hour about all the things I needed to get done. Then I took a walk with my daughter and all that washed away and we just had fun together.  

Work was still there at the end of the day. It always will be. It took from seven to midnight to get partially caught up. If I hadn’t had such a sweet day with Aria, I couldn’t have done it. 

I understood this morning that my work in education is a calling, but my time with Aria is my life’s blood. She helps me to live. She gives me that refreshing joy and meaning that is the heart of life.

 What am I trying to do for those kids in the city but to set them up for a stable, fruitful future where they have the space and resources to enjoy time with their own families? 

What is DH doing far away serving his country? Protecting us all so we the safety and peace to savor a lifetime with the ones we love. 

Family is what we’re all fighting for at the end of the day. It’s paramount among all goals. It is life itself. 


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