First Time at the Gym since DH Deployed

Yeah. Two months. Woo! 

There’s something about veering all too close to an Addisonian Crisis that is highly motivational. 

Got the cleaning service all set up. Just nine more days until deep clean. 

And today I said to myself. Yes, I know DH is deployed. And yes, I know one of Aria’s two teachers at school quit the same week DH left. But Aria really has adjusted by now. I can leave her in the gym daycare for an hour. She’ll probably have fun!

I feel so alive and refreshed!

It’s so easy to swim and ultimately drown in the day to day. It’s hard to stop and take inventory of what is really most important. Drowning is easy. You just let go and sink. Swimming back to the surface makes you dig deep, but at the surface is life. A big, refreshing breath of fresh air. 

So let’s go! Sweat away! Every time I take care of myself, body and soul, is the potential for another healthy day or week or month or year with my child, my grandchildren, my awesome husband, and all my hopes and dreams. 

Oh yeah. Let’s do this. 


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