Better. Funny how helpful that is. 

I’m feeling better and, as it always is, I feel surprised at how much easier everything feels all of the sudden.  

So it goes with Addison’s and maybe the body in general. 

When you are full or even half full of strength, when your mind is cleared of the fuzz and fatigue, when you’re back to normal. 

Picking up the kitchen

Making dinner

Creatively getting the baby to eat good food

Going for a walk

Leading meetings

Sending emails

Calling friends

Laughing and joking

Having date night with your husband via Skype

Changing diapers

Being silly with your baby

Driving for an hour

Practicing French

Writing a blog post

Sweeping the floor

Brushing teeth

All the mundane little responsibilities of life suddenly become mundane again. Easy and fun. Totally manageable. Full of life and delight. 

By the afternoon yesterday I felt so clear. My body no longer weighed a thousand pounds and my heart suddenly seemed the right strength and size. My breaths no longer felt like they were sucking in exhaustion. 

Maybe it was the chicken soup and the Pedialyte and the extra electrolytes. Maybe it was getting my dose of Cortisol right. Maybe I’d been secretly fighting off that quick big that’s been going around.  

Like a receding tide, my Addison’s symptoms were gone and I felt like a wife and a mother and a program director again. 

The prior four days of mounting fatigue, fog. The four days of my body and mind feeling like they were deteriorating beyond recognition. The four days of wondering how I would get up the stairs to get my baby’s diaper changed. 


Normal again. 

Addison’s is funny like that. It doubles and quadruples the impact of any physical stressor. Then as soon as things level out, I feel like I can be a proper military-esc wife again. 

I’m still going to get a cleaning service. And I’ll try to ask my dad to help with more than just letting me stay late for a meeting once a week by doing pick up. Maybe I’ll even get a sitter once a month on Saturday so I can run errands and take myself to a movie like DH is always suggesting. 

I kind of like feeling human again. 





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