No one told me I needed a degree in advertising to be a mom…

So Aria has rejected all things beef ever since she gave up purées a couple of months ago. 

Tonight I was determined. 

Yesterday, you got me to let you have cereal for dinner. Not again. 

Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty… Tonight we dine in hell!

I packaged the beef with oranges and orange juice. Mixing finger foods it my all time most successful strategy for introducing new foods. 

Naturally, I get “the head turn.” I don’t think I’d be enticed either, to be honest. 

I persist and get “the push.”
She’s in a good mood (I started the meal with yogurt to prime her), so instead of a scream,

I try the get-it-in-your-mouth-and-taste-it-child! method and get the “sour face, head turn, gritted teeth, push” maneuver. 


This is not working. 

Okay. How about we try our next most successful strategy: repackage. 

How about a wonderful wrap?

Pretty sure I took this one too far with the Salmon last week. (I mean, come on, I made her salmon and by god I was going to get her to eat it.)

Not interested. 

Again, I rallied to the cause and dug in to my inner advertiser. 

“Spartans! What is your profession???”

Okay. What if we change the delivery, the color, and the shape??

Green quesadilla anyone??


She’s considering… Please please!

Oh yes. 

Touch down!


[This is where I fail to admit she did manage to get cereal after getting through enough of her quesadilla to make me happy. Was making sure she was full enough before bed to sleep through the night??? No friggin idea. Ask me in a couple of weeks!]


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