Aria, the scientist

I’ve heard many a musing about when a baby’s personality starts to demonstrate itself. For Aria, it was two months old. That’s when I noticed her deeply examining things. 

You might call it curiosity, but there’s something so much more distinct about it. Something so much more scientific. 

She gets this look on her face when she sees something that intrigues her. It’s this initial flash recognition that there is something new and distinct before her. A splash of joy and energy simmers in her gaze. 

She reaches out and begins to study with all her senses. The sound of something crinkling to the touch, the feel of the object between her fingers, the look of all its unique features, and of course, in the early days, its taste to the tongue. 

This is when her look becomes wholly serious. She looks so deeply at things I feel I need to take them in hand and reconsider them myself when she’s through. 

What makes this inconsequential thing so remarkable?

I love this about Aria. To be a scientist is to be human. It is at the essence of greatness in any field or impassioned pursuit. 


Put yourself in Aria’s head! What’s she thinking about in each of these pictures??

One Month


Two months 


Four months


6 Months


8 Months


10 Months


11 Months


12 Months



13 Months



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