Daddy’s gone? Let the battle for alpha female begin!

I’m pretty sure that sometime Sunday morning, aria woke up, looked around, and said to herself “Now that daddy’s deployed, I had better assert myself as the new leader of this household. It’s for the best. I’m sure daddy will be proud.”

Seriously. Who ordered the toddler?

Suddenly Aria has real opinions about what she will and will not eat. She has connected the dots that there are things she likes their things she doesn’t like and that mommy has the power to give her one or the other.

She arches her back, throws her to The side, and wails in protest at the whiff of an undesired meal. 

I thought I had eating figured out. I had worked with her over months to bring her to a wonderful varied pallet. She was eating fish with vegetables and beef with sweet potatoe and chicken with peas and zucchini. She enjoyed broccoli with leeks and black bean purée. She was in love with guacamole. 

Then she turned one. 

Now she wants to feed herself and she wants to decide what she is feeding herself. She likes bananas and yogurt and grilled polenta with Parmesan.

Sometimes she will eat shredded chicken. Other time she will not. Sometimes she will chew on some broccoli other times she will scream at the site of it. She still likes milk, but even that gets her upset sometimes.

The hardest part is that she is impossible to predict. 

So then she doesn’t eat enough during the day because she is refusing most of what is put in front of her. Then comes midnight and four in the morning. She screams for food and I begged for sleep.

Meals are not the only sign my daughter is tapping in to her inner CEO. In the last week I have seen her battle over toys with other todfants her age. As they say, possession is 90% of the law. 

I sense the drama in my little girl. So much is just a show. I vacillate between wanting to laugh at her theatrics and combat her mighty will. 

How much willpower can really be stored in a 2 foot tall little body?

I guess I have six months to figure that out.



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