Aria is officially horrified by bubble gum 

She was sitting a yard away from me when I blew my chewing gum in a great big bubble. At first it appeared she was curious. 
Then I pulled the bubble back into my mouth. She shifted backwards, serious concern in her face. 

I did it again. Just as she got up next to the bubble, I made it disappear. 

Her concern deepened. 

I did it again. A nice big bubble. This time I let her touch it. 

Horror. Real horror. 

I have never seen such an expression on her face. 

She looked at the bits of gum on her fingers. And from her lips escaped a weak, plaintive wail. 

Clearly, my face must have been exploding. Over and over again. 

It was like a real life horror move. Like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark that faves me years of nightmares – they open the ark and the man’s face melts off. 

She moved toward making and then away from me. She wanted consoling, but I was the cause of her distress. Concern and horror stayed plastered on her face. 

Tender mother that I am. I grabbed my camera and did it again…



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