Thrush + Ear Infections + Cold + Teething and no appetite. Advice?

Yesterday it seemed like the doctor kept adding to the list of maladies taxing our needy, but generally cheerful daughter. 

“I think she has thrush,” I told the doctor. 

She listed a bunch of other things going around that might be possibilities, then looked in Aria’s mouth. 

“Ah. Oh. That really is definitely thrush. Hm. Has she been grabbing her ears?” the doctor asked. 

I thought if I said no it would remove the possibility of another ear infection. I said no. Not really. 

The doctor checked anyway. “Ear infection in both ears,” she diagnosed. “Has she had a cold recently?”

As if on cue, Aria started hacking like an aging chain smoker. 

Then Aria started drooling all over the place and stuffed her entire hand in her mouth. 

“I see she’s teething too.”

Poor thing 😦

I guess what I’m most concerned about, but that didn’t really get discussed as much as I would’ve liked, is that with all her present ailments, Aria isn’t eating much.

And she hasn’t gained so much as an ounce in the past six weeks. 

As you may know from following, I’ve never been an ample mama cow and Aria gets about half her milk from formula. Where a few weeks ago she would drink 6-8 ounces of milk, right now she barely gets through 2 before she refuses to drink any more. She’s also only taking about half her solids in a given meal. 

I looked up reasons why a baby might suddenly start rejecting a bottle. Possibilities included: “Thrush, ear infections, or a cold.”

She just seems to have no appetite. Getting a little worried.

Any advice?



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