First trip to the beach? It’s November, right?

Today I am experiencing the beach for the first time. 

I hear a gull and whipped my head around at its loud, demanding squak. I laugh and try to chase it on my hands and knees. And then it takes flight. Mouth hanging open, I gape at the animal dancing in the air above me. 

I do not stare for long. Everything is so fresh and new around me. The fresh, salty breeze wisps across my face. I blink back the wind and look around at the great open world. Rolling blue waves crash in the backdrop. Everywhere I can see is covered in soft, brown earth demanding exploration. 

Mother sets me down on the other side of the blanket with regal care and gestures to the sand. “Try it little one. Feel the sand betwix your fingers and toes!”
I thrust my hands into my grainy meal. The texture was so new. A little wet and a little rough. It falls apart as I mushed it between my fingers.   


Saliva drips from my mouth. Can I wait any longer? My mother is watching. Is she waiting to see how I like it? I suppose I should oblige her. We did just travel two and a half hours for this spectacular moment. 

I scoop up a handful of sand and go in for a big bite. 
“Aack! I should’ve expected that! No no no! Don’t eat it! No no! I am not responsible for her next diaper change!”

I’m confused. No, I’m distracted. It tastes so weird. Little tiny bits of salty sand. 

I spit out the sand. Then I go back for seconds. Mom blocks my advance. I go for thirds and mom stops me again. I play with it a little. It’s a game! How about fourths? Fifths? 

Then suddenly I am flying like the dancing sea gull. Up and away! Oh the waves! I can hear them crashing. I laugh as dad hoists me into his shoulders and runs to the waves!




“Hail Poseidon! God of the sea!” crows my dad as he chases the water. 

I think I hear mom yelling for dad to be careful. She’s taking pictures too. Dad doesn’t seem to hear. 

“Hail Poseidon! You had a brother… Ha ha ha! Until we sacrificed him to the God of the sea!” 

I don’t know what dada is saying. I babble to the waves with him. 

And then he drops me down, holding my hands. Soft, oozing wet sand comes in between my toes just as a cool crest of water skirts the edge of my feet. 

That’s the ocean.

Can anyone tell me what an ocean is?

We go back to our blanket. Dad leans back and drifts off to sleep. Mom and I go back to our eat the sand game. The beach is so relaxing!

After a while, the sun sets and the sky turns into ripples of rose and violet. It’s cold, but mama wraps me in our blanket and dad holds me close to his chest. They hold hands and mama kisses me on the forehead. She coos, “I loved this! I love you! Did you enjoy your first trip to the beach?”

I tell them stories about my day at the beach, about the crashing waves, and the sea gull that made me laugh. I tell them how I want to stay longer. I complain that they didn’t let me pet any of the doggies on the boardwalk. I babble on and on, but they don’t seem to understand. They just laugh. Mama kisses me again. 

“So silly!” she muses. 

I waggle my tongue to scold her. I guess I’ll tell her all about it when I’m older, when I have the words to tell, like paints on a pallet, to craft the stories of my adventures in a brave new world. 


So, in case you hadn’t guessed, it was not my first time to the beach, not really — I don’t remember my first time, but it almost felt like it. Through Aria’s playful blue eyes. 

You’re also probably thinking, “Hey, is this an old post? Isn’t it almost December?!?”

So I had a lot of work to get done this weekend. DH’s solution for how to get me the time to finish it? Road trip!

To the beach. 

Oh yes. 

Three solid hours of driving both ways. 

To seventy degree of sunshine three days out from December. 

This is yet one more reason I think my husband is awesome. I was imagining staying trapped in our house for the weekend thinking about how my work-life balance is getting a little strained. 

This was so much better.  



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