From newborn to baby

Watching Aria develop over the past few months has been such a wonder, but at the same time a strange thing happened to me. I had a sudden, unexpected plummeting of my confidence across a whole range of aspects of my life, from work to hobbies to blogging. I decided I really had nothing interesting to share. I kept Aria’s little milestones to myself, which have been my most deeply satisfying moments since I returned to the world of the working woman. 

She’s practically crawling. I wish you could be sitting here with us! She’s scootching all over the place, doing 360 degree turns, getting up on her hands and feet, and pursuing me with all vigor in an attempt to get to my iPhone! All the while she babbles gleefully “Ahbah bah bah bah bah!!”

It’s been coming on so gradually. First she was super manning, then the push-ups, then I saw her on her knees and about broke out screaming in the middle of her day care.  



 I swear she thinks she’s training for boot camp. Push up! Military crawl! 

Two days ago she was doing sit-ups in her bouncer trying to get to the dangling monkeys. 
After six months of reaching, she finally snatched one in her hand.  



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