Baby boot camp!

I can hardly believe my eyes. My girl is scootching all over the striped rug in the basement. You’d think I just stepped into a marine boot camp. Push-ups! Military crawl! 360 degree spin! Hefting toys in the air! Climbing over the boppy nursing pillow! (Okay, you probably wouldn’t see one of those in boot camp). 
I wish you could be here with me watching her go. 

I know I went ga ga when Aria crawled eight inches up my chest to start nursing twenty minutes after she was born. This sudden explosion of movement feels almost as monumental. 

I feel like she’s been supermanning on her tummy time mat for months. Then all of the sudden she’s on her knees, then her hands and feet, then her butt is high in the air and she’s pushing off from her toes. And now she’s scootching. She sees something and she pushes toward it. The gruff determination! The focus and confidence! She is in command and she will reach her destination (even if I keep moving it further away from her)! 😉



I remember when I saw her reach out to deliberately touch something for the very first time — that black and white block, and when she figured out she could make the elephant jingle by kicking it, and when she grabbed something in her hand for the very first time. It’s all so amazing. 

Two days ago she sat up in her bouncer and grabbed the flying monkey in the mobile for the first time. She’s been staring at that monkey and reaching for it for months. Then bam! It’s in her hands. I wonder how many other things in her life will be like that. What are you going to reach for, my little lovely?


She’s turning into a real baby. Nothing newborn about this girl anymore! She laughs, she smiles, she moves with purpose, and babbles like she really has something to say. 

I feel like she’s going to be graduating from college and heading to boot camp before I can bat an eye. I finally get it. They *do* grow up so fast!


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