Treating her like a toddler, rather than an infant

I have no idea what you should do with infants and I’m kinda cool with that. A few weeks ago when we went to the zoo, DH oh so tenderly held Aria up to each board and read to her about the animals. My heart melted. They say babies understand way more than you realize, but I don’t think that’s why DH read to her — he read to her because he wanted to, because it feels natural to include her in own learning and discovery. 

I think it’s also because we both see her as what she may become some day – a woman destined to achieve her dreams, rather than what she is – a tiny little four month old baby. 
Maybe there is also something about the little kid in me that wants her to experience all the delights of being a child. I loved the discoveries of youth and want Aria to get to experience the same delights. 

Today we took her these amazing gardens in Pennsylvania. There was a children’s section of the conservatory. Aria was by far the youngest child there, but we let her experience each little area. 

 Fishing for water skeeters: 

Playing with the fountain   

 Making wishes 

 And reaching for cucumbers!

Then there was just regular fun, like climbing an awesome treehouse: 

Riding horseback!

And being offered up as a sacrifice to the gods of the Amazon… 



So maybe it’s not about teaching Aria or treating her like she’s an adult or a toddler or an infant. Maybe it’s just about having fun as a family. A family. What an awesome concept. I love my family. I think I’ve finally figure what life’s really all about!





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