A part of our life

When DH and I passed through the entrance into the bed and breakfast late this afternoon, you might have thought we were aliens from another planet by the look on the owners face. At first I thought she might just be one of those more awkward owners or maybe not the person who normally welcomes guests. 

“Uh,” she mumbled looking from us to Aria back up to us again. “We don’t normally take babies. It says so on the website.”

Ah. We’re parents now and the rules have changed. 

We checked the website later on. There was no bans, just guidance. “Some parents may find this establishment unsuitable for children.”

DH smirked. “I think it’s perfectly suitable!”

Most people probably don’t bring babies to B&Bs. I’m wondering what the newlywed couple across the hall will think when a baby joins them for breakfast!

Having a great time. Feels natural to have Aria with us. She’s just a part of our lives!



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