Happy as a clam. She survived daycare day 1!

Not that I had any doubts, to be sure. When I called at 1pm (which was exercising a little restraint) they said she was “Okay.”

Okay?? Not wonderful?? Or even great???

No. No reason to worry. She’s fine. Okay means great. Right?

When we picked her up we found out that “okay” meant she drank all her bottles, slept in her crib, played with her new toys, and only cried when she was hungry. So far, my girl is proving to be far more easy going about change than I’ll ever be!

Love the daycare. We got a log of all her feedings and diapers (though I dodged a bullet on the poopy one, but she just nipped that theory in the bud!). Then they wrote all her activities. She apparently loves talking to her twin in the mirror. Wonder how that will play out with roommates in college…

She got lots of compliments on her first day of daycare outfit too. Thank you Principal James! Gotta watch out though — my little lovely was the only girl today 😉

Well I’m glad to have her back home in my arms, even if she is secretly missing her fish tank and stuffed snake!


 Glad to have her back home with us!!



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