Catching up on stories and pics!

So since I have a bit of free time today, I thought I’d catch all of you up on my super cool little girl!

I haven’t posted in a month, and if you think about it, one month for Aria is the same as ten years for me — one third of my life. Ten years ago I was about to get engaged to a fourth generation blonde swede from Utah name Jorgen. I was about to start my last year of college. I hadn’t student taught or served a mission or taught high school or gone to grad school or met my husband or travelled to Spain or El Salvador or French Polynesia or North Carolina (can you say food tour!!). I hadn’t lived with my sister during her divorce or babysat a drug addict for a weekend or worked for the governor! I hadn’t gotten married or lived through my husband’s deployment or been named employee of the year after burying myself in the service of my school’s while DH was far away. Ten years ago, I didn’t have Aria, I’d never gone through labor and I had no idea what motherhood was really all about. One third of my life. I went from child to parent, student to professional, individual to wife. 

A month ago, Aria was just starting to use her hands. She’d just grabbed something for the first time. She was recognizing sounds and had figured out that she could make the elephant on her mat ring for as long as she could keep kicking it. In the last month she’s gotten to be a pro with her hands. She can pull this with both hands and can bring things to her mouth. She’s discovered her tongue and is noticing different textures. For a while there she was sticking it out all the time, just because she could. 

She knows who her parents are and is comforted by being held by them. She has become fascinated by the world as each day her eyes come more in focus and she can see more and more. She loves the forest and our bookshelf and any blanket that has a pattern on it. She can flip over from her tummy over and over and is almost, almost to where she can flip back. She smiles all the time now, not just after I’ve changed her diaper. I heard her laugh for the first time on Saturday through a video my sister took. It was magical! 

And she talks to me, sort of, with the weird language of babies. I mimic them back and pretend we’re having a conversation.  

In the last month or so, Aria also had her first visits to the Zoo, my high school, the nature center, and the cherry blossom festival! She had her first shots, which she did not enjoy, and celebrated her first party – Baek Il, the Korean celebration of 100 days. 

She also got to spend three weeks with daddy doing daddy daughter dates every day, which involved naps and walks and games and trips to the gym. And lots of love and laughter. And diapers… Lots of diapers. We’re around a thousand diapers now. OMG. 

It’s crazy to think how many new things are ahead for her. She’s literally just started her life. I can’t imagine how cool that must be!



One thought on “Catching up on stories and pics!

  1. Love reading your stuff, and your daughter is beautiful as you are!! Thought a lot about you as Mary visited us this weekend. She lost her visa & is going back to Taiwan in June. So many good memories with all of us! I’m glad you post so I can keep up your life!

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