She explored my face with her hands

Motherhood, I am discovering, brings with it a host of unexpected moments that reshape the landscape of your life and being. Aria fills my life with wonder. She surprises me over and over and over again. Through her, I experience the fundamental moments that define us as human beings. As she discovers the world, I rediscover it with her. 

We lay on the bed together, face-to-face for the first time. She smiled at me, a hint of curiosity and surprise in her bright blue eyes. I smiled back, fascinated by the emerging evidence of intelligence and personality in my daughter’s face. She knows my face, but seemed intrigued by its sudden proximity only an inch from her own. 

And then she reached out to touch me. 

It was so distinct and so deliberate. My face was something new to be explored and discovered.  

She grabbed my lips and batted my nose and clutched at my cheek with her tiny little fingers. It was like how the movies show a blind person getting to know what a person looks like through their hands. 

It was her first time touching a face. How amazing it must be to be a baby. Everything is so new

I watched her look at our bookcase yesterday. It was the first time she noticed it and she scanned it with delightful wonder in her eyes. 

I put her in the pack ‘n play and she stared at and stroked the mesh walls for ten minutes. A new sight, a new feeling. 

It’s indescribable. Watching her learn. The world is suddenly so much more interesting that I realized before. She just makes you want to pay a little closer attention, to reach out and really feel the world with your hands or look for a new feature in the face of someone you love. Each sense seems so much more of a gift as I watch her discovering what hers can teach her about the world. 

What a gift little children are!



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