My placenta gave me the weirdest ego boost ever. Thank you Paleo diet!

During my second meeting with my Doula before I gave birth, Emilie revealed a secret fascination with placentas. I can’t remember all her reasons, honestly. Something about them reminding her of a tree, the vessels extending outwards through the makeshift organ like branches reaching toward heaven.

What does this have to do with eating Paleo?

“When I see your placenta, I’ll be able to tell,” Emilie warned.

“Tell what?” I asked.

“Your diet — if you got enough protein, how healthy you ate.”

I was a little surprised, as you can imagine, and intensely curious. What would my placenta say about me? I was pretty confident I’ve never eaten so healthy in my life as during my pregnancy. Arik and I decided to go Paleo, mostly, while keeping eggs and milk and not eating Paleo whenever we went out to eat or went to someone’s house. Even then, I tried sticking to vegetables in lieu of grains and potatoes and processed foods whenever possible (that is the heart of the Paleo diet).

Fast forward to a couple of days after I gave birth.

Ring ring!

J: “Hey Emilie! How’s it going?”

E: “What did you eat??”

J: “Excuse me?”

E: “Seriously. What did you eat while you were pregnant???”

J: Uh oh… “Paleo, mostly… Candy, maybe more often than I should have…”

E: “You seriously have the biggest, most beautiful placenta I have ever seen in my life!”

Weirdest ego boost ever.

So whenever I think about shifting my diet back to the potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread-based bonanza that was my diet pre-pregnancy, I think of my placenta and how cool it made me feel.

Is that weird?


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