Learning to use her fingers

I set Aria down and was about to move the green shopping bag out of the way. But then I watched my daughter’s eyes go bright with interest in the new, colorful object beside her. I wish I could see the world as it slowly comes into more focus in her beautiful blue and still developing eyes. This bag, so mundane and meaningless to me¬†fascinated my two month old baby girl. She reached out to touch, to investigate her discovery like Lewis and Clark encountering Tarragon, Glacier Lilies, and Grand Firs for the first time. She grabbed the bag and held on for just a moment.

I started to record, wanting to capture her discovery. About a minute or so in, I started to look at her hand more closely. She does all sorts of things with her fingers, as if she were really paying attention to them for the first time. Her fingers became as much a part of her exploration as the crinkling green bag from Babies ‘R Us.

I never though about having to learn how to use my hands for the first time. I knew babies had to learn how to walk, but I never heard about all the little moments leading up to that. There are so many muscles she will have to discover and strengthen before she will stand and walk for the first times. It’s incredible to imagine.

Learning how to use her body. It makes you appreciate what a masterful gift our bodies are. I didn’t appreciate it like this when I took martial arts. I was learning how to use my body in ways I never had before. I should have been more patient with myself as I tried to master the side kick and spinning hook kick, the horse stance and the hammer fist. Are those much different then figuring out your fingers for the first time?

Aria will learn her body step by step. I see that now. She had to learn to turn her head and focus her eyes and even to stretch out her legs for th first time.

Some things she does so suddenly, like flipping over for the first time. But then she has to figure out how to do again, on command. It was a week in between when she flipped over the first time and the next. But the second time she did it four times, right in a row.

What will she learn next? I can hardly wait to see.


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