Cute faces

So this officially makes me just like every other parent who seems particularly obsessed with their child. I mean, I’m the past seven weeks I have spent more time staring down at her face than any other sight, face, or thing out there. But really, I don’t have much choice. Having a newborn sort of forces you to be obsessed and you in the end start noticing everything — every change, every new expression. And each one just sets a surge of happiness or humor right into your soul. 

She surprises me with her faces. It makes me laugh. I wonder if my mom felt the same way with my faces? Did she feel the same joy in discovery I feel? 

My dad always talks about seeing my dimples for the first time. I don’t think he realizes how loved that makes me feel. 

My friend Diana asked me today what was the best thing about being a mom. “I’ve heard all the hard things, what’s the best thing?” she asked. 

It was a good question and I did have to stop and think for a while. I didn’t want the best thing about being a mom to be about me. I’m more active, I feel a new sense of purpose, I’ve reconnected with family and friends through this blog and Facebook. But that’s all me. 

Then it occurred to me, the best thing about being a mom is having a new person in my life to love wholly, completely, and unconditionally. 

It’s that deep wonderful love that changed me into a mother, even more than an hour of pushing or sixteen hours of labo or 41 weeks of pregnancy. 

So here are the pics! For the love of my little Aria!    






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