Rocking my little girl to sleep

It’s one of those moments I wish I could capture and just freeze in time. It’s the middle of the night and I’m tired and need more sleep, but yet my demanding little girl needs that little extra tender love and care. So I wrap her up in one of those thin muslin blankets (spring is here!) and hold her close to my chest. And then I just rock her. I wander back and forth around the bedroom, my daughter close against me. My hair is all over the place and I’m in a bra, underwear, and socks. Yet somehow the moment feels precious and picturesque. Just me and Aria in the dark. Warm and together. Rocking each other to sleep. She drifts. Her eyes become heavy. Her breathing thickens and takes a steady, rhythmic pace. She relaxes closer to me and we rock together. 

She’s only six weeks old, but the moment feels fleeting, as if I will only have so long to rock my baby to sleep before she’s grown. I hold her closer. How long before I’ll have to let go? 

My little girl. My little Aria. Mommy is here. I’ll always be here. No matter how big and independent you grow someday. I’ll rock you to sleep. I’ll protect you from harm. Rest little one. Mommy loves you!



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