To cry or not to cry?

Lately during the day Aria will accept nothing less than being in my arms or on my lap for as much of the day as she can get away with. 

I tried cuddling with DH this morning before he went to work. Aria was jealous. I fed her while sort of cuddling. Any hope of additional sleep ended with the sunrise at 5:30am. 

I tried writing my long overdue baby shower thank you notes. I got through three and a salutation before Aria began wailing her demands. 

I tried doing dishes. She cried the entire time. I finally went and fed her, neglecting the final simple task of wiping down the counters. She ate for five minutes and was out like a light. 

I tried doing some project on the computer. Aria didn’t appreciate the angle that put her in. She grumbled and pawed at the sky until I shifted backwards and wrapped my arms around her. 

I tried doing laundry. Aria cried each second I left her alone. 

I’m still in my pajamas and it’s almost lunchtime… Should I try taking a shower? I feel like a protest is already being planned! 

Aria is cute. Really cute. But she sure as heck is demanding!

So, what do I do? If I weren’t the mattress of choice, I’d take a nap right now. I really want to take a nap…

 The only place my little one wants to be: 



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