Little Changes

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve watched my daughter Aria do something akin to a very slow process of “waking up” from life in the womb. Each week, her eyes seem to take in more and more of the world around her, beginning with my face and expanding ever further. I so wish I could see the world through her eyes! How out of focus would it be? What colors would I get to know first and last? What part of a face would clue me in to the identity of the person holding me?

Like her eyes, her face and body have awoken as well. Expressions of hunger, frustration, and discomfort have been joined by tales of surprise and wonder other delicate features. Her limbs and neck have stretched out from the cramped little bundle that was wrapped up in my abdomen a month and a half ago. I remember seeing her neck stretch the first time, and her thighs, and her tiny little fingers. Those fingers now clutch loosely to strands of hair, or my bra, or my own fingers. I begin to picture us out walking together, hand in hand. 

It’s like everyone says and to which you roll your eyes, they do grow up so fast!

I’ve tried to capture some of these little changes to share. Enjoy!  

Covering her nose to keep it warm (4 weeks)


Hair in transition! (4-5 weeks)  

Sticking her tongue out (4 weeks) / licking me!! (This morning!)


Holding on with her fingers (3-5 weeks)   

Really following people with her eyes (3 to 5 weeks) – it’s been an evolving thing 😉

Looking at the world in wonder (5 weeks old) 

Surprised expression after she heard me laughing!! (5 weeks)


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