I’ve decided to password protect my blog

It has been liberating to write freely about motherhood, family, my health, and life in general. I’ve never felt such freedom to exercise my love of writing and storytelling and the process has reconnected me with friends from all stages of my life. I never expected any of that. It’s amazing. I feel real and human and connected. 

Unfortunately, social media always has is potential to backfire. It is an untamed beast with unpredictable hungers. 

So I’ve decided to be wise, though it makes me sad. On some level I imagined my thoughts and stories being out there to reach others on journeys similar to my own. 

I will now be making private any posts on health, being a mother and a professional, with musings about life that could be misconstrued or misquoted, or with pictures of people other than me and Aria. 

If you are still interested in reading those posts, I would still love to share. I want to be free to be honest and open about the challenges of life and of womanhood. I think this is the best step forward to do that. 

To get access to the password protected posts, please contact me at jessicasariablog@gmail.com

Thanks for reading my stories! 



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