When the planets aligned to say, “Hey, welcome to the world!”

Aria is one month old today. In honor of what feels like sudden and unexpected milestone (they do grow up so fast), I will share the astrological anomoly that appeared to announce Aria’s entrance into the world (and any other babies born that day!)

We were on our way home from the hospital the day after Aria was born and I was contemplating how much bumpier to road felt post baby, stitches, and hemmeroids. 

That’s when I caught sight of the moon out of the corner of my eye. It was only a second. My mouth gaped. Could it be?

There were two brilliantly lit stars by the moon that weren’t normally there. 

“Are those planets?!?”

DH ignored me and kept driving. 

I twisted and turned, trying to catch another glimpse. The last time something like this occurred was on my honeymoon a year ago. DH and I were hanging with some awesome new friends we’d gone jetskiing with when I looked up and saw a brilliant red orb in the sky. Somehow I knew instinctively it was Mars. My new friend whipped out her iPhone and pointed it toward Heaven. A sketch of the sky appeared to overlay the stars, including the awesome label, “Mars.” I was breathless with surprise and delight. 

I caught sight of the moon again and pulled out my iPhone, the bumps in the road all but forgotten. 


I gaped at the words on my SkyGuide App. 

As soon as we got to the house, I hobbled out of the car as fast as my torn up body could go and waddled down the sidewalk like a penguin en route to a bucket of fresh fish.  

There they were: Moon, Venus, and Mars, heralding the arrival of my daughter home.

I looked at the SkyGuide again. Moving back even further to see what lay in the heavens above my little girl.   

Aria was born the first day of the Chinese New Year and the first day in which she could be considered a Pisces. 

And there was her constellation above the three heavenly orbs in the sky. 

Aria is one quarter Korean. I don’t even know if Koreans celebrate Chinese New Year or believe in the signs of the Zodiac. 

But somehow it just seemed so amazing and miraculous to have all that hanging up there in the sky as we carried out newborn girl into our home. 

I don’t really need the stars to tell me my little girl is special. I’m a parent, of course I’m going to think that! She’s special because me and her dad love her, because we’d give the world and the sky to her if we could. 

But having a few stars and planets align “for her,” still pretty cool! Kinda Mark Twainish, if you know what I mean šŸ™‚

Happy one month, little one!



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