The On my own and going places. Eek!

I’m starting to learn the new mom ropes. I had a doctor’s appointment today in the city at 9:30am. So last night I did the math, which I could do now that I’ve been out a couple of times with Aria. 

Steps to getting out of the house:

  • Feed Aria: 35-60 minutes
  • Change Aria twice (when she wakes up and before I put her in the car seat): 15 minutes
  • Help Aria relax and fall asleep in the car seat: 10-30 minutes
  • Check the diaper bag: 5 minutes
    1. Change of clothes
    2. Diapers
    3. Wipes
    4. Butt paste
    5. Nursing blanket
    6. Hand sanitizer
    7. Sterilized Pacifier
    8. Changing pad
    9. Washcloth (burp cloth)
    10. Nursing pillow (since I’ll be out most of the day)
  • Check/pack my purse: 5 min
    1. Wallet
    2. Keys
    3. Snacks
    4. Water bottle
    5. Medicine
    6. Phone
    7. Pads
    8. Nursing pads 
  • Eat breakfast: 10 mins
  • Take medicine: 1 min
  • Use the restroom: 5 mins
  • Get the baby to sleep again: 10 mins
  • Take diaper bag and purse to car
  • Turn on car to heat it up
  • Bring baby to car
  • Drive: 1 hour, 15 minutes

So, for my 9:30AM appointment, I started getting ready at 6AM!

I managed to only be ten minutes late. Success. 

Let’s be clear, my exceptional planning was in no way a natural phenomenon. 

Last week, with help from my brothers, I was 40 minutes late to an appointment I thought was last week, but was today. I had no change of clothes, no nursing cloth, no snacks, no burp cloth. So I was wholly unprepared to be in public for an appointment an hour away that wasn’t actually that day. 

Welcome to being two weeks out from having just had a baby 

(It was like that one time DH and I went camping without a shovel, kindling, or sleeping bag. I had to use one of my extra socks to get the fire going, since the only food I had brought was frozen sausages…)

Fortunately my y brothers thought to take me to Macy’s to rectify the situation. Then my brother explained all the steps to nursing in public. Who knew it would be so complicated?

But I did it and now I’m an old pro. You can take me anywhere. Game on!

So, funny story. I was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized I needed to change her diaper. In public. By myself. 

I stared at all the stuff I’m lugging around:

Do I pack her and all that up and go to the bathroom OR do I change her diaper in the lobby of the medical center…

I must have looked utterly and completely bewildered because *five* strangers, one after the other, asked me if I was all right. 

“New mother. Ha. Ha. No worries! Just, uh, figuring things out…” I told each of them. 

One guy stopped instead of chuckling and moving on. 

“What are you trying to figure out?” he asked. 

Embarassed grin. 

“If I should go to the bathroom to change the diaper. Am I allowed to just do it here on the chair??”

“How old,” asked the gentleman. 

“Three weeks…” I answered. Is that a long time or a short time? I’m not really sure anymore…

The man laughed a big hearty laugh. “If I had a baby three weeks old, I’d change her here!”

So I did. So much easier…



One thought on “The On my own and going places. Eek!

  1. You look like an old pro! It really will be easier after awhile.That little girl is pushing a month now and each pic is sweeter than the last one, She really looks a lot like the last ultrasound.especially the rosebud mouth and button nose. Love to all three.


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