I dreamed a dream!

I have officially achieved the supreme new mom milestone of rediscovering REM sleep! Yes folks, I dreamed a dream. 

I’m sitting here with Aria asleep on my chest, skin to skin, warm and cozy. 

She did not get there by crawling out of her monkey rocking bassinet, up onto the bed and into my arms. That was a dream. 

Nor did she come running to me across the cold laminate wood flooring from our living room to the front door. I didn’t scoop her up and laugh delightedly at how fast she is, nor did I ooze with pride that she’s somehow learned to walk at three weeks old. 

It was all a dream. But what amazing dreams!

Yesterday during tummy time, I held her up by the armpits and let her “walk” all over the pink blanket. She moved her wrinkly little legs like she was almost walking. I laughed in delight at her expression. She seemed to be enjoying pretending to walk. 

It will probably be a while before my dreams come true, but oh what wonderful dreams! I am a mom and it is my world. There are other things, but I love watching my daughter learn and grow. I don’t think I’ve ever loved something quite so much. 

Probably helps that I’m finally getting some decent sleep, dreams and all!


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