Walk with me?

Once upon a time there was a mother and a daughter who were cooped up in their townhouse for three whole weeks. 

Mother: I think it’s time for a walk

Daughter: Sounds good. Put me in the stroller and I’ll take a nap. You already fed me and changed my diaper, so we should be good. 

Mother: Excellent! What do I need? Warm clothes for me, blankets for you. Diaper bag. Water. Keys. All ready!

Mother: Uh oh… How do I deal with stairs? 

Mother: A lot of stairs

Daughter: That’s what the handles are for! Just don’t jostle me. I’m quite comfortable!

Mother: We made it! Isn’t the fresh air wonderful!?

Daughter: Zzzzzz

Mother: This forest really is beautiful. It was just an extra bonus when we bought our townhouse. We were thinking of you, of course, but you wee more just the concept of a child back then. I never imagined how lovely it would be to walk with you through these woods! 

Mother: A playground!! Do you want to try out the swing???

Daughter: Really, mom? Don’t you think I’m a little small? Have you seen my neck control?? I think I need some more tummy time before I’m really for the big leagues!

Mother: Oh!! Someday you’ll be making snowmen, just like I did as a kid. What a wonderful place we live in! Don’t you love it?

Daughter: Don’t get all wistful mom. Plus those half-melted snowmen creep me out!

Mother: Oh no!! I forgot to pee before we left!!!

Mother: Did you hear the woodpecker? The forest is so alive! Can you see it? 

Daughter: You do realized I can’t see anything but the inside of this stroller, right??

Mother: Ugh! I forgot my uterus is still healing!

Daughter: TMI mom. No one wants to know about you’re weird body. Eww!

Mother: And how am I supposed to get through all that??

Mother: You still alive in there?

Daughter: Worry much?

Mother: Oh man! I really have to pee!

Mother: Almost there! This has been so wonderf–

Mother: Eee gad!! I have to go back up the steps??

And so mother and daughter less-than-expertly navigated their way back up the long, disruptive steps and spent the rest of the day happily ever after. 

The end


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