Angelina Jolie is my follower?!? 

I’m about to send a tweet on my @JessicasAria Twitter account when I notice I’ve got 14 followers. 

Hmm. I wonder who is following me?

What?? Angelina Jolie Is my follower!!

Whoa! My blog must be super awesome! Maybe I am a really good writer! I should get back working on my novel! I’m going to get published! I wonder if she’ll invite me to Hollywood! I need to call my sister! I need to write a blog post! I have to tell someone about this!!!

Wait a second…


Angelina Jolie

Maybe I should look again. 

I go back and look closer:




Angelina Jolie is not one of my 14 followers. 

Finally remembered what I’d been doing on Twitter in the first place. 


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