These are a few of my favorite and not-so-favorite things

Smiles: awesome. 

Nursing: deeply satisfying

Figuring out how to rock my daughter with my knees: kinda relaxing

Burping: stupid annoying

I hate burping. Spit up is not the problem. I actually wish I’d taken a picture of my milk-soaked boob earlier today so we could laugh together about it. I felt like it was some sort of secret “mommy cow” right of passage. 

I hate taking a very happy sleeping baby on my boob and rattling her awake to force air out of her esophagus. I also dislike how much harder it is to take happy sleeping baby from shoulder to resting location. 

Now I admit, burping isn’t so bad in the day, where you just lean back and read while she cuddles up to your shoulder. It’s just at night when you’re afraid anything you do with jostle her into a new phase of eating and add an extra course onto her luxurious meal.

Which leads me to the second thing on my hate list:

Cluster feeding. Duh dun duuuuh!

It’s really quite awful. She eats, falls merrily asleep the. Just when you’ve relaxed enough to join her in slumber…

BAM! Give me your right booby or else!

Then she sleeps again, but she’s really only had one full meal. She just consumed it over an hour and a half said she’d been out to dinner with friends and food was only a second thought. And then…

BAM! Still hungry! 

Dessert anyone? Molten lava chocolate cake? That would be lovely! I’m starving. Oh, and a coffee plus another round of drinks. We’re not in a rush, after all. 

So it’s been about two hours, but you don’t realize it. You think she’s just asking for the coffee, but really, you just entered another feeding period. She wants an entire cake to herself. 

An hour later and you’ve been feeding for three hours. 

Suddenly it’s not four in the morning anymore and still night time! The sun has started to rise and your husband’s alarm is going to go off in twenty minutes. Goodbye REM sleep. Let me doze off. 

Oh wait, she’s asleep on my shoulder from burping… How do I get into a sleeping position from here?!?

Yeah. Cluster feeding is stupid. And so is burping. You never really know when, or if, either will ever be done!

Me pretending I like burping:

Me wondering how to take happy sleeping baby in shoulder and get her to be happy sleeping baby in bassinet:

Aria asleep from being rocked by my knees (my new favorite thing):


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