We saw a smile yesterday. Not a poopy / gas, peeing / other nondescript baby bodily function face. A bonafide reason-humans-protect-their-young smile

My brothers and I swarmed Aria in the doctor’s office like we were in a football huddle or the paparazzi swarming Lupita Nyong’o in her $150,000 pearl dress at the Oscars this year. 

Our passionate efforts to capture the magic yesterday got me this:

But, as with any utterly epic new baby thing, they do it again and again to give you another chance. 

Got closer to capturing it today. So you think any of these count? They just don’t do the moment justice, but it’s a start! 

Her smile is still so sweet and fleeting at the moment, but I already love it. It’s like Aria has just shared a secret with you that leaves you with only one place to put it – locked away in your heart. One more little connection that bonds two people for life. 


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