Dreaming at sunrise with the warmth of a mother’s touch

It’s sorta neat discovering the last thing Aria needed to go to sleep this morning wasn’t a bottle, breast, diaper change, or burp. All those things helped, but they only took her halfway. 

Instead it was just my warm hand on her cold cheek. She leaned into the heat, closed her eyes, and fell asleep. It’s beautiful, like the sun that rose up in the window beside us as she made her way to her dreams. 

Kinda makes you fall in love all over again, doesn’t it?

P.S. Poetic as this moment is, will she wake up if I put a hat on her now?? Will she wake up if I don’t?? Being a mom is so complicated!!!


Went for it! Took me 15 minutes to have the gumption, but she really looked cold. Now maybe I can get some sleep too!


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