Peed all over me. Shoulda seen that coming.

I am definitely covered in pee right now and on my way to the shower (don’t worry… I washed my hands). How did this happen? You may ask. Well note to self. Put the diaper on the naked baby as soon as you are done drying her off from her bath. Don’t go, “Oh, she’s so cute! I want to put her in the adorable baby bathrobe someone got me.” And then go looking for the bathrobe with naked baby in your arms. Bad idea! Very bad idea! 

Can I blame her? I give her a bath, so she’s like, “Thanks mom! You’re awesomeness! Here, let me return the favor! I know you like showers!”

All down my sweater and my new uber soft pajama pant and all over the floor. I’m only grateful she missed the bathrobe so I could still put her in it after I put on the diaper.

Hope you enjoyed your bath, Aria. My turn!


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