Nursing isn’t a job?

i just realized I’ve been nursing Aria like it were a part of a job, rather than something I do because I enjoy it. 

I pause and consider my lovely daughter – her newborn hair DH says is my color; her vibrant, Korean eyes currently blue like mine. I stroke her hair and think how soft it is. I remember I’m in love. 

Suddenly I realize she’s done and is asleep in my arms. 

No, not a job. 

A relationship. Mother. Daughter. 

Changing diapers, on the other hand… 


One thought on “Nursing isn’t a job?

  1. I just want to say I may be trying waaaasy to hard to be positive and poetic here. Just started crying trying to reschedule a pediatric visit.

    This mom thing is hard! It’s hard work!!


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